Saturday, August 8, 2015

The past week has been crazy + Shoutouts and More!

I was on vacation guys, I was asked by a fan why I haven't posted so I guess I'll answer this. I was in Boston, having an awesome time. The wifi was horrible, so my laptop just wouldn't let me post anything. Also don't forget, in three weeks, school is starting up again. So, lots of business. I don't know what's going to happen.

I'm really trying to figure out how to get the money to someday get my book published, unless somehow I can score an agent or something. This is all so much for me to handle. All I'll tell you is while I stopped blogging, I haven't stopped reading, so I'll push out more reviews. Also, gonna update the blog.

Shoutout to my new fan Matt, known as ThaHunter Gaming. He's commented a bunch, and I really appreciate it.


  1. Looking forward to more reviews, I read the actual books for some. (Spiessss) Thanks for finally posting something.


  2. We're fine as long as you don't forget about your blog.