Monday, August 10, 2015

The Best Poster Ever + Books I've read!

Quick update for y'all. So after finishing my giant 20-book novel stack, I'm gonna try to pump out reviews before school starts for me on Aug 24. That means two weeks of reviewed awesomeness. Books to look out for are:

Escape from Mr. Lemoncellos Library: Chris Grabenstein - Recommended by a fan named Ariana!
Whatever After Series: Sarah Mlynowski
The Puzzler's Mansion & The Puzzling World of Winston Berlin: Eric Berlin

Want to recommend a book for me to review? My only condition is that I don't do fantasy/ mythology. Sorry Harry Potter/ Percy Jackson/ Lord of the Rings fans. I tried reading Harry Potter earlier in the year and I just didn't like it. If I were to review those, I would trash them. I'm sure they're great books, just not for me. Either e-mail me @ or leave a comment.

Also, with a few minutes of free time on my hands, look what I made!

Feel free to use this! I have no copyrights!

Well, Keep Calm and Be Swawesome! Have a swawesome day!

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