Monday, August 31, 2015

Don't want to wait 3+ years to get to see Spy School: The Movie? Well, here are some alternatives!

Ok, so I was going through YouTube and happened to stumble upon to awesome Spy School fan made movies. Nothing professional, just some kids who love Spy School and hung out for a day and had some fun.

Here's the first one:

These kids actually spent a good deal of time on their movie and made it really close to the real book, using exact quotes and everything. If you want basically the book put onto your screen, go with this one. It had a few bloopers but nonetheless, a great book representation.

Here's the second one:

This one's wayy funnier. Even though it uses some direct quites, most of it is just pure comedy created by 5th graders. I was laughing the whole time. This one also had a two-minute long blooper reel that was simply hilarious (I mean- the rap which was titled "I Just Wet my Pants!" I almost died there)

So there you go. I'm planning on doing something online with animation? Who knows. But if you just can't bare to wait three years for a movie (I mean- I'll be in the middle of high school and it'll be tough to find the time to watch it- although you know I will) watch these two back to back for twenty minutes of awesomeness.

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