Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cycles: The best Book You've never Heard Of

I decided to go on a self-published book spree (because the prices- free are just unbeatable) and while most of them are...not the best, I stumbled upon this book. I was actually searching for another book by the author Lois D. Brown- Catching Katir, but hey, I stumbled upon the book Cycles. It was free so I gave it a try, and here are my thoughts.

Summary: Renee Beaumont is unconscious and about to die. She's fallen off Dr. Dawson- her neighbor and close friend- horse, which is one of few left after a deadly virus killed off a majority of the horses in the US, after trying to escape from thieves attempting to steal the horse. But the weird thing is, her blood has these things called antigens, and she has so many of them that her blood is unique, and these is no other blood the doctors can use to pump into her. Until...Dr. Dawson says he has some of her blood "from a science experiment" in his basement. Which of course, cures Renee. Meanwhile, Sam- Renee's best friend who has a crazy crush on Jessica Cooper, is at the hospital who finds shocking information- Renee's blood doesn't match he parents' meaning she's adopted. And then things get crazier when they realize, Renee never even signed off on the whole thing. And why does Dr. Dawson keep leaving to go to San Jose University to "meet a friend? And why is Renee mad when Sam finally gets his kiss Jessica? Why are the names Valorie Eves, Charlotte Black, Rachael Dawson important? This book is full of questions with every page revealing more questions instead of answers. Lois D. Brown writes an amazing book that in my opinion, should be more known.

What I liked: The tension. Oh the tension. There's just so much of it. I mean c'mon, the heroes are trapped in a basement with two armed people who've invaded Dr. Dawson's house, looking for his top-secret lab, just to give an example with out spoiling the story. You know that every question will be answered, but until you know the answer, it's just crazy. I'm literally struggling to explain the tension. For me, the uniqueness of this book is a big plus. Most books these days are either "Oh my god, I'm being made fun of in middle school and getting beat up by one dude. This is how I shall survive middle school" or "I'm such a loser but I have one power that makes me awesome. Read my journey" But this one is just so far out there, it's a plus. A mysterious girl who is adopted and has the rarest blood type in the world survives because her weird neighbor has her blood. And then she starts feeling really dizzy at times and is jealous when her best friend Sam kisses the girl he likes. They try to figure out the truth before it's too late. I mean, it seems crazy but read 100 pages of the 1600 page behemoth (IPhone sure does make books really long) and you won't want to put it down.

What i didn't like: Probably my only dislike is how much detail the book goes into. I'm sure you're like "What? Isn't a bunch of detail a good thing?" It is about 99% of the time. And the detail was great, but some of that stuff was just to morbid for me. I mean, blood gushing everywhere, backs being cut by glass, touching old people (you'll be surprised how gross it sounds in book). Lighten up just a bit on the detail- TMI for you texters- and the book will be a don't-shiver-in-grossness book.

Final thoughts: Not my normal cup of tea, but the fact that this quality of book has come from a non-professional-edited (most likely) book and the price has convinced me this is a amazing, awesome, fantastic book.

Rating on 'the scale': 9,1 out of ten

Why? Remember, the first 9 points are about the book, the last point or so is about the genre. The book, while a mysterious read, was often too strange/spooky/weird at times. This is one of those way out there books. An 8.5 due to TMI among other reasons, and .6 because while this does suit the needs for romance/mystery/science fiction and more, it's just not for everybody.

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  1. Thanks to you I'm reading it now almost done it's great