Monday, August 24, 2015

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Planet Girl OUT TOMORROW! What to watch for!

OMG- CJJ guide to planet girl IS OUT TOMORROW! So Excited- especially since school is back for me, it gives me a last taste of the good life, just chilling and reading in nice air conditioning. Anyways- here are some questions to be answered and other things to look out for (at least questions and things I'm looking for for me):

The Charlie + Katie Saga- Katie has basically said she's done with Nareem and she's implied that she has interest in Charlie Joe. Charlie Joe appears to have interest in her. Will they get together? Will another girl get in the way? Who knows.

The other million boys and girls who've hooked up- Will we get to know who's with who. Who knows if Greenwald will just stick with the main five or 6 or will he have Charlie Joe explain all the relationships throughout the school

The Romance advice- How good will it be? Is it all kid stuff or for adults and kids?

Finally- will all the friends be the same? Have some left and are their new people?

Be sure to go grab your copy ASAP- this book's gonna be amazing!

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