Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Fun Surprise For y'all + What's Coming Up

Since the first day of school is tomorrow (why are summers always so fast?) and I have to go to sleep early, I'm just going to update you guys on what to come. I will finish my book stack which includes:

Books 4-6 of Whatever After series
The Island Trilogy by Gordon Korman
The Puzzler's (Trilogy)- Eric Berlin

And a bunch more great series. After that...well I don't really know. Comment what you guys want to see (other than fantasy/mythology- maybe if we hit 5000 I'll give one series a try)

Also- with the help of some advice from Erik from (yes the uber-famous kid blogger) I've looked into authors who've self-published and found some awesome (free!) content that, once I get through, I'd love to review.

If school gets tough, I might do an update post that daily posts might be postponed, or stopped until the school year is over. Sorry guys, school comes first. Expect two or three posts a week if that ever happens.

If you're a kid- I hope you have a swawesome school year!
If you're an adult- Uh...Have a great year!

-Justin Doan

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