Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top Ten Companions in All Your Favorite Books & Novels (Well most of them)

10. Lauren & Elizabeth- Roomies: Kicking off the list is the email friends from the insane teen YA book. Lauren and Elizabeth always have each other to rely on, and through all their family problems, boyfriends troubles, they help each other out, making sure they are both one step closer to UC Berkeley.

9.  Rowley Jefferson- Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series: Rowley is Greg's (only) friend who helps him survive middle school. While Greg thinks he's a pest, Rowley's always there to hold Greg's backpack on the way to school, alert him for any dog poop, and basically turn into his second mother. He bakes cookies for him during the winter, sacrificed himself and ate the cheese, and is an all-around awesome friend.

8.Teddy & Francis- Big Nate : Nate's friends Teddy and Francis guide him though middle school, all while laughing at his every mistake. But when Nate hits the big time, they don't get jealous, they whoop with joy. Nate needed a band to start, and they were all in (well, they were mostly in...ish) They helped their team win the trivia slam, Teddy helps with with his homework on occasion, and Francis...well, he's not a pest.

7. I Funny Series- Gilda Gold: Who doesn't love her? She gives Gaynor and Pierce (Jamie's two best friends) a run for being Jamie Grimm's best friend during this hilarious series. She hypes Jamie up for every competition, making sure he is as prepared as he can be. At one point in the competition, she was his personal coach, giving him material and tips. Not only did she keep him in line when all the fame started getting to his head, but without her, Jamie wouldn't have even gotten the chance to compete for the finals. Oh, and Jamie may or may not have a slight crush on her.

6.  Whatever After Series- Jonah: Abby's brother that everyone in the series should love more than Abby. Jonah is the main reason they even go on the crazy and awesome adventures the brother-sister duo go on. No matter the situation, instead of freaking out as if they'd lost their parents (unlike some people, not going to name names, but it rhymes with "Shabby"), he's always positive and trying to look on the bright side of things. He also seems to have really good ideas that Abby ignores. If he was appreciated more, Jonah could shine into the spotlight, and if I was Abby, I would sigh in relief every time I had him on an adventure.

5. Charlie Joe Jackson and More- "The Crew": Since there isn't an official name for Charlie's 'posse', I shall name them "The Crew" and they more than deserve that name. Hannah, Jake, Pete, Timmy, Nareem, Eliza and the ever-loving Katie are Charlie's friends who keep him from going insane. They do their best to talk him out of all the crazy ideas he comes up with to solve his problems, such as getting out of going to "Summer School in disguise" or getting out of the class reading assignment. And if they can't convince him to give up his idea...well, they try their best to help him until he succeeds...sometimes.

4. Space Case (Series) - Kira Howard: The First Stuart Gibbs book! Kira Howard enters Moon Base Alpha, the first human civilization on the moon,  unimpressed by MBA's horrible bathrooms and small living area. Then Dr. Holtz suddenly dies. Not willing to die of boredom, she helps Dash solve the mystery. Using her...feminine charm, she gets Roddy to help her out and hack into the security camera feed. Not only that, she distracts the murderer long enough to help Dash escape. Kira stays with Dash for the majority of the book and does whatever it takes to solve the mystery.

3. Origami Yoda Series- "The Crew 2.0": Since Dwight's friends don't have a specialized name for them either, I guess Tommy, Sara, Cassie, Kellen, Mike, Remi, Rhondella, and Jen (and...Harvey) will be classified as "The Crew 2.0". These seemingly annoying middle school kids are Dwight's Army, making case files for him that prove he is not a pest but a powerful sensei who has mastered the art of origami and can use it to predict the future (or something like that). No matter what trouble he's in, they do what they need to to save him from getting expelled, which is the meaning of a good friend.

2. FunJungle Series- Summer McCracken: Summer, the daughter of billionaire J.J., has been working with teddy to bust many cases that have hit headlines worldwide. Summer may not always be available, but when she is, she seems to be more lively about the situation than teddy himself is. She also gives away many secrets to the park, such as employee's names or the one code that unlocks all doors to Teddy to aid the investigation. Teddy can't do everything himself, and even though Summer can get too caught up in the moment, she always makes sure that everyone is safe while helping however she can. Not to mention the fact that the crush Teddy has on her helps both of them because it gets Teddy pas his fears.

1. Spy School series- Erica Hale (well the Hale family): Coming in with a landslide victory is the Hale family at number one. Erica, Alexander, and Cyrus all are key roles in helping mundane 13 year old Ben Ripley survive to live another day, not to mention bust SPYDER's crimes. Trapped in the wilderness with literally nothing? Nonsense, the Hales and Ben survived that with ease. Held gunpoint in the middle of a secret underground room in the middle of an enemy organization being destroyed by the entire CIA? Erica and Ben made it out alive. The Hales have always been there for Ben, giving him tips and tricks to do better, supplies to help him out, and sacrificing literally their lives just so Ben can save the world. While they all may not be happy doing this (not giving out names but *ahem* Alexander) at the end of the day, a huge majority of their time is spent making sure Ben is safe and the world is better off than it was yesterday. You really couldn't ask for better companions than people who risk their lives for you.

Authors who wrote these books...

10. Sara Zarr & Tara Altebrando
9. Jeff Kinney
8. Lincoln Pierce
7. James Patterson
6. Sarah Mlynowski
5. Tommy Greenwald
4. Stuart Gibbs
3. Tom Angleberger
2. Stuart Gibbs
1. Stuart Gibbs

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