Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Top 5 Books/Series You've Never Heard of: Part 2

I seemed to like the last post a bunch so I had to try this again. If you haven't seen the last post go here Like I said last time, great if you've read these already, but most people haven't. These aren't the books most prominently shown on the floor, these are more hidden. Most likely, they have received little award recognition all though they totally should.

5. The Adventures of Jack Lime: If you've ever read The Fourth Stall (and if you haven't go read it. It's a Texas Bluebonnet award book for a reason) then this is very similar. A kid named Jack Lime solves problems for you and in return you give him a small favor in the future, The book gives you a three-for-one deal and in all three of the cases he has to solve, watch him try to avoid getting beat up, stay focused on the mission when one of his clients is the prettiest girl in school, save a kid from losing his 'perfect grade', and so much more.

4. Fallout: I think this book is popular, but none of my friends seem to know about it so oh well. Fallout is a story set in 1962. Scott, who's been picked on by his friend Ronnie for having a bomb shelter, suddenly needs to go into cover. But everyone else wants to live another day to, and after fighting off every last of their desperate neighbors, 11 of them are in the shelter. But there's a problem. Scott's dad didn't exactly prepare the shelter properly, because he never thought it really was going to happen. The water tastes nasty, and there's only enough food for 5. Read about Scott's painful experience trapped in the bomb shelter with his now enemy (you learn about this in the structure of the book where it alternates from bomb shelter life to flashback of normal life months before. The structure is pretty cool) And now, some of the members are starting to revolt. Everyone wants to leave, but nobody can. How badly do they want to get out? Thorough a test of perseverance and courage, Strasser creates an amazing book.

3. The Last Invisible Boy: Finn Garrett has been disappearing every since his dad died. His hair has been turning white like an old man, and his skin is getting paler every day. This is the story of his life, where he battles setbacks from his rare condition. He gets picked on a lot at school, but it doesn't matter because he has Meli, his friend who's super-gorgeous and athletic. They plan to start dating when they turn 13 and marry sometime later in life, but who knows? Finn is trying as hard as he can to adapt to the world during which he relives a lot of the (sad) memories when his father was around. This was a real tear jerker and follow Finn as he tries just to stay in existence before it's too late.

2. Raymond and Graham Series: OK, this series is (really) childish, but I enjoy the awesome story telling. Raymond and Graham are best friends, trying to survive school like every other 4th grader. Their main goal: Impress the heck out of their crushes. The best thing about the series is that they couldn't be more different from each other. Graham has announced to the world that he likes Kelly, and is more outgoing, willing to do anything to get Kelly to like her, while Raymond is more shy and concieted and hopes Heidi (his crush) just starts to like him one day. Through their tales of crazy roles in school plays, wearing girl's shirts to picture days, dancing with their old teacher, and being the heroes on the little league baseball team, you will be laughing  while you read the simplistic structure and style of this book. It's not exactly War & Peace, but if you want a fun, light, quick  hour or less read with some action and suspense, be sure to pick this book up.

1. Games: I just finished this book, and it suddenly shot up to the top ten of my favorite books of all time. Mick Sullivan fights with Boot Quinn every single day. Most of the time it's standoffs with insults, but it gets violent every now and then. They both have living situations that aren't exactly ideal at home, but that's not enough to stop Mr. Maddox, the new principal, from intervening. How he wants the boys who've been at war for years to get along? Play board games. Monopoly, Connect 4, Battleship, you name it. They are to play for an hour and a half every day until they can stand each other. But once they realize that they can't fight, they try a different approach: Dares. We're not talking about "Ask your crush out on a date". That's child's play. We're talking Vandalism or your 'second home', and stealing from your best friend's store. Oh, not to mention that the cute girl they both have a crush on is using her charm to make a few extra dollars. Don't forget the fact that at home, they both are dealing with domestic violence as well a secret tunnel they found at school that could lead to the end of everything. This intense novel is one you have to pick up. It has everything I like in a book. Action, Romance, and each Character has a specific unique character trait that makes them stand out. Also, at the end, it was a real tear-jerker. I have a love/hate relationship with books that make me cry. This book was awesome.

Well those were the five books you've most likely never heard of. This is the start of my daily posts again. Be sure to follow my twitter for info on when I post, and follow my blog!

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