Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top 5 Book You've Never Heard Of: Part 3

Yep, another books you've never heard of list! You guys sure seem to love this series, because believe it or not, this has more views than my Belly Up review! So I'm going to give you what you want. Reviews are back tomorrow!

5. The Walk On: Kicking off the list is The Walk On. Alex Myers is the new kid at school, and is amazing at sports. Expecting to make the Varsity football team with a starting spot, he is shocked to learn that he basically has little to no chance of making Varsity. But he dazzles the coaches, and he barely squeezes in at the fourth string. Throughout this action-packed novel, learn how he survives riding the bench, getting his freshman crush, and being accused of using steroids all while trying to work with the team to win the state championship.

4. 15 Minutes: Casey Little is about as unpopular as you can get. Even the washouts think he is washed out. But everything changes as he discovers the Go-Back. After being late to school every single day of the first month of school, Casey gets a broken watch his grandfather built. But it's more than a broken watch. It's a time machine, that can go back 15 minutes on command. Now he's riding high. He uses it to impress the heck out of Nina, his best friend that just so happens to be a girl (Which he does not have a crush on), making a bunch of spectacular, jaw-dropping plays during football practice, and avoiding getting swirlied by Todd and his posse. But during the championship game, he has to make a tough, suspenseful decision, which you'll totally enjoy.

3. Capture The Flag: Jose, Henry, and Anna are just three random kids trapped at the Washington D.C. airport. Until somebody steals the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star-Spangled Banner. After they all discover they're descendants of members of the Silver Jaguar Society, a society that prides itself on defending the world's valuable artifacts. Anna, who's dad is a senator, is an inspiring reporter, and wants to discover the thief. Jose's mom goes on TV to ask the thief to give back the flag, so naturally he's involved in the story. Henry's just bored and wants something to do. Things get crazy after accusations fly around the airport, and the kids think they figured everything out. Kate Messner tells a riveting story of three strangers who try to get to the bottom of a national story before getting hurt.

2. The Hand You're Dealt: Huck Porter is suffering from his dad's death when the time of the year for the poker tournament. His pre-cal teacher is the biggest jerk on the planet, yelling at kids and announcing false statements about kids going to fail tests just for the joy of watching them squirm. Everyone hates Mr. Abbot, especially since he stole the watch that went to the winner of the annual poker tournament that the pope had blessed off his dad's wrist while he was in a coma, just a day before he died. Huck wants revenge, and after talking with Father Dineros, the organizer of the tournament, he gets a spot in the tournament, even though at age 17 he is a year under the age limit. Watch Huck try to win it all while he deals with his former girlfriend wanting to reunite, being held at gunpoint, and worst of all, his mom.

1. Mastermind: Daniel Pratzer is probably the worst chess player in the Looney Knights, the school's chess team. But Eric and Brad, the future valedictorian and future Olympic swimmer recruit him to come play in a tournament. But it's not him they want. It's his dad. A father-son tournament is happening in New York, and his dad happened to be a Grandmaster two decades ago. The first two days are brutal, but they manage to pass Daniel's dad passing out, a crazy karaoke night with some domestic violence, and a reuniting with an old rival with a wild chance to win the 10,000$ grand prize. But is it all worth it if Daniel's dad can't handle the pressure and does the unthinkable? David Klass writes a brilliant novel that is definitely worth picking up. Oh, and there's a really sweet relationship that seems like it comes from a movie, which you know I'm all for.

Reviews will start up tomorrow, maybe a How To, some more updates, and of course Top 5/10's. Have a swawesome day!

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