Saturday, June 13, 2015

Update: Stuart Is Mysteriously on, Fun Jungle #4 Info. Shoutouts, and Thanks

So this is going to be a quick update, because in the past week a lot of thins have happened.

First of all, Stuart Gibbs is ironically acting all spy-like. He says he would be off social media until the month of June is over, but he's favorited a few of my tweets in between his promise of to cut social media from his life, so either he just wants to interact with his fans (porbably the case) or his computer is hacked (if it is, then I would be a martian right now, so I'm going to go with theory #1)

As for FunJungle #4 info. let's just say I got some awesome news that is going to be exclusive to my book club. What is this book club you ask? Well I'm going to start a book club for kids who are fans of Stuart Gibbs, and the whole thing will be via e-mail. We'll start with Stuart Gibbs classics and as we progress through summer, you can recommend another book and we'll vote on if we should read it or not. Our meeting will probably be around twice a week. Can't make a meeting? Don't sweat it. You can come in and out as often as you like. E-mail me at with the subject 'book club' to join in.

I want to give a shoutout to Ariana (no surname provided) The latest joiner of the CC (Comment Club) She joins Stuart Gibbs, Erin Fry, and Me as the only members. Want to join? Simply comment and I'll give you a shoutout and add you to the club.

I want to say thanks to Sam Burgiss. Yesterday, I posted an adult (-ish, more or less YA) review of Crossing Lines (which you can see here) He then took less than 24 hours to add my post and feature it in his newspaper, which he updates daily. You can see the highlight of my post (as well as his amazing e-newspaper here) Please go check out his newspaper. It's actually well-designed.

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