Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Update: Stalling on an awesome review, and the adventures of YA

I released a picture on my IG (justindoan8) of a new book I found at the library called Crossing Lines. It's about a new kid at school who is gay and wants to be a girl, and he sports lipstick and a lavish dress. But the other kids call him "gay" and "fag". Enter Adonis, a third party whose sister is best friend with the new kid Alan. With all his fellow football teammates/bullies turning on him for trying to get them to lay off the harsh comments on Alan, Andonis has to make a decision on whether or not to take his teammates side and be a bully, take Alan's side and become a victim of harassment himself, or stay a third party and not get involved, though this could mean he does get involved (it's...complicated) It's actually a really good book, but I've been holding off mostly because...well. it's a long review. I just haven't had enough time to finish it. But trust me, once I finish it, either tomorrow, or the next day, you'll want to read it.

Speaking of YA, I've just been introduced into the wonders of it. Are you on the rocks of whether to make the leap from Middle Grade to Youth Adult? Here are some things to consider:

The Topics of These Books Are More Serious
This is mostly because authors try harder to send a message with their novels at this level. With increase rates of teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, and being gay, authors incorporate this information into their novels, so be on the lookout for stronger intense topics then spies and middle school trouble.

Curse Words

Yep, it's true. Authors tend to do a lot more cursing in YA novels. You have to remember though, these books are for 13- 21 year olds, which expect more aggressive and intense conversations and conflict, so curse words are the way to go.

Strong Romances

The final main aspect of YA is a strong romance. In most MG novels, there usually is some sort of romance, but it is more of the hold-hands-and-kiss-on-the-cheek type.  In YA, all the limits are off. We're talking seductive talking, sexy dresses, and sex itself. Very intimate moments that if you don't understand...things then you'll want to either divert your eyes or skip it all together (for some reason, I like romances, not the whole romance novel with some naked dude on an island thing, but I like YA romances. Don't Judge)

Think you can take all of this? It can be tough transitioning from MG to YA, so what i recommend is first, make sure it's good with your parents if you're, like 11 or 12. Then, figure out your strong suit of genre. For instance, my strong suit is spy fiction, so I tend to look for that. However, you have to understand that things are going to be taken up a level, so if you think that, for example, historical fiction is your strong suit, but it's pretty intense at at YA level, then take things down a notch. Find something you're really comfortable at MG level, and you should be okay with it at a YA level. For me, it's sports fiction, which is how I found Crossing Lines.

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