Thursday, June 11, 2015

Top Ten: Female Characters in Books

After the response I got from the Top ten male Characters post, I knew I would have to put up one for female characters.

10.- Kira Howard- Space Case by Stuart Gibbs- Kicking off the list with a Stuart Gibbs Character! She would be higher, but she didn't have the world's biggest role in the book...for now.

9.  Judy Nazemetz- I Funny Series by James Patterson- The crack up comedian who happens to be Jamie's stiff competition / girl who secretly kissed him comes in at number nine!

8. Cara Landry- The Landry news by Dan Gutman- The creator of the questionable newspaper may be in serious trouble after one intense(-ish) story published without "proper" authorization.

7. Hannah Spivero- Charlie Joe Jackson series by Tommy Greenwald- Charlie Joe's crush since second grade has broken Charlie Joe's heart by going out with another guy. Other than that, she's basically perfect, I mean, good looks, athletic, and academically gifted all in a package? Perfect.

6. Jane (unknown last name)- Variant by Robison Wells- The love of Benson Fisher betrays him by showing that a robot. Benson then wonders what other things the school is hiding from them, and she could be the key to everything.

5. Gilda Gold- I Funny Series by James Patterson- While she isn't a comedian, she certainly knows how to make someone laugh. Jamie's second sorta-kind crush helps sticks with Jamie throught he thick and thin, when Jamie is literally just escaping death, and when he manages to piss her off twice.

4. Pepsi "Pep" McDonald- The Genius Files Series by Dan Gutman- Pepsi, known as Pep, is a key part of the operation she has going on with her brother to take down the evil organization trying to kill off innocent kids. While she doesn't have the photographic memory of her brother Coke, she is a wizard at deciphering every challenging code the organization sends them, not to mention she has some serious moxie during the dangerous encounters.

3. Susan Carol Anderson- Last Shot Series by John Feinstein- The olympic swimmer/ veteran reporter is always trying to either look down a story in the locker rooms, or out-touch her opponents in the pool. With companion/boyfriend Steve "Stevie" Thomas with her through all her troubles, she has to battle through multiple death threats and a father who's gone loopy by all the money her daughter could make swimming (and...modeling)

2. Summer McCracken- FunJungle Series by Stuart Gibbs- How I wish there could be two number ones. Summer, daughter of John James (J.J.) McCracken, is always sneaking around her bodyguards with Teddy, to try to solve some sort of case, albeit a kidnapping or a murder. She's got the looks of models years older than her, yet the swagger of your normal popular kid at school.

1. Erica Hale- Spy School Series by Stuart Gibbs (there was some doubt between Summer and Erica, but not much) Erica Hale, being the latest prodigy spy in a long list of great family spies (going all the way back to Nathan Hale in 1775!) she encounters Benjamin Ripley. There they learn about SPYDER, your normal evil organization (but not really), always trying to take over the world. She's got looks that could probably make Summer McCracken look like a toad considering she's got the athleticism of an Olympian, the ability to make a vicious gunfight as calm as a nice summer's day, and so much swagger. If you wanted to have a good character in a book, screw making up a name and personality, just call up Mr.Gibbs, ask for some rights if you give him credits, and use Erica (I'm sure it's more complicated than that, but whatever, it's an exaggeration)

That's it for today. Remember, stay tuned for the Crossing Lines review. It's going to be a good one.

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