Saturday, June 27, 2015

Top 5 Books/Series You've Probably Never Heard Of

Ok so... five books/series you haven't heard about. Of course, some of you probably have read these books countless times over and over, but I'm talking about my main audience: the group of 12/13 year olds at the upper-octave of Middle Grade and starting their endeavor into YA.

5. School For S.P.I.E.S Series by Bruce Hale: Kicking off the list is the first spy book I ever read (even before Spy School by Stuart Gibbs!) When Max Segredo, and orphan who's bounced around countless foster homes, lands in Merry Sunshine Orphanage, he doesn't expect to be learning Karate and Breaking Codes. The School of Spying is run by Hantai Annie Wong, and the team needs to stop LOTUS's diabolical plan. If you love Spy School, you'll love this book.

4. Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce: Millions is about a family living in England, two boys and their dad and no mum. Damien, the only kid in the world that can tell you the saint of anything, and Anthony, the kid who loves money, are shocked after Damien accidentally stumbles upon a bag of 250,000 pounds. Anthony wants to invest in a house. Damien wants to give it away. And everybody else in England wants their hands on the treasure. In this frenzy for money, the brothers will have to figure out away to use up all the money before all the citizens of England steal it. Also, don't forget to check out Cosmic, a book review that'll be out tomorrow.

3. The Detention Club by David Yoo: Peter, along with his friend Drew, used to be the kings of elementary school. But once they made the leap up to Middle School, they become fallouts. While Peter's sister Sunny is the President of every club and a wizard at the flute, Peter and Drew can't feed off of her 'popularity' and after all their antics, Peter ends up in detention. Meet the Sweet brothers, who are everything but there name implies. The worst bullies in the land, anybody who makes friends with them are considered a miracle, since they are the meanest kids...ever. Then, a thief is roaming around the school, stealing IPods, Phones, you name it (even moldy bananas!) from kids. Peter, in his quest for popularity, needs to figure out who the thief is, and before he gets embarrassed enough to skip school!

2. Whatever After Series by Sarah Mlynowski: Ok, I've only read the first book, which I'll talk about. Abby and her brother hear a strange noise from the mirror in their basement (well just her brother Jonah) which they go to investigate. Then they get warped, traveling into another land. Into the world of Snow White. They see an old lady, trying to poison Snow White with the poisonous apple, and remembering how the story goes, the kids save her from death. But then, the kids mix up the whole story, and Snow White doesn't marry her prince. Through a bunch of (deadly) adventures, Abby, Jonah, Snow White and the seven dwarves all try to restore order to the story and get Snow White her prince, all while Abby and Jonah try to escape back home. Oh yeah, and the old lady is still tying to kill them. The book's cover makes it appear to appeal towards girls, but trust me, get past it, and I bet I could find a couple adult men who would love the twist on a classic fairy tale.

1. Nerd Camp by Ellisa Brent Weissman: Gabe is your typical nerd, who loves to spend his weekends reading with friends and has pajamas of every bone in the human body (which glows in the dark!) All he wants is a brother. And he gets one...kind of. His new stepbrother Zack is the complete opposite of Gabe. he loves to surf, thinks math is a foreign language, and thinks books are the plague. Gabe brags about getting into camp to his brother, but it backfires severly. In a desperation to impress his stepbrother, he bends the truth to make things cooler.

"Wow, we hung posters of Sports and Music!"= "They were of Mozart and the Rules of Badminton"

"I creamed a girl in karaoke!" = "It was a song listing all the countries in the world (in alphabetical order"

Those are just a few examples of the many things Gabe bends to get his brother to like him. But in the end, does everything align perfectly? This book is jam-packed with humor and everyday problems of your normal tween. You need to pick up this book. Seriously.

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