Thursday, June 4, 2015

Top 10: Authors that should be in some Hall of Fame

Another fun top ten list! This one is for authors who are just so cool.

10. Jeff Kinney- author of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series- I think if you write probably the most successful series in children's book history, you've got to make the list.

9. Erin Fry- Author of Losing it- The author of an inspirational story about an overweight kid trying to lose weight to not only fit in at school, but live another day

8. Tommy Greenwald- Author of Charlie Joe Jackson Series- The author of some hilarious books that make you want to smile every time you read them

7. Tim Green- Author of Football Genius Series & More- This former football player makes sports seem more exciting than running around a field holding a ball, with blackmails, death threats and more.

6. John Feinstein- Author of Last Shot Series- This YA author is rising to the top of the sports fiction world, with his intense and well written Sports Books.

5. Frank Cottrell Boyce- Author of Cosmic & Millions- When Stuart Gibbs recommends your amazing, funny & action-packed books, you know you're a good author.

4. Tom Angleberger- Author of Origami Yoda series- Angleberger writes about kids needing origami Star Wars replicas to help them with daily school problems in his dairy-style writing, which I find awesome.

3. James Patterson- Author of I Funny series & More- He's the guy who's sold 250 million + books, which makes you close to the top of any list (also, his books are good!)

2. Sarah Mylnowski- Author of Whatever After series- I've never read her books, but my sister has, and she says that they are AMAZING! Plus, Stuart Gibbs is friends with her and is constantly recommending her books, meaning I'll have to try them and she gets put at number two on this list (she also earns some swag points by being recommended by Stuart Gibbs)

1. STUART GIBBS! (was there any doubt?)- Author of Spy School, FunJungle, & Moon Base Alpha Series- His books are just so swawesome (sweet+ awesome) and I'll just leave it at that.

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