Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Re-Advertising: Ugh, I hate it more than you do

I've been wanting to do this post, but I hat re-advertising. I hate it when somebody says "You should buy this!" and you're like yeah yeah, and then the next day they're like "Go buy this!" It just makes you want to scream. But I'm going to be totally hypocrytical because I need to remind you of a few things.

One: Stop signing the petition for the Spy School movie. Go here, where not only can you support it, but you also get to cast directors, actors, writers, and the composer. too (anybody up for Arnold Schwarzenegger to be Alexander Hale?)

Two: The Summer Book Club. AHH there's only three people in it. Please, if you want to be in a book club with people who like books and Stuart Gibbs as much as you do, please email me @ It'll be fun and I'll let you in on some awesome insider info.

Three: If you want a shoutout, I'll gladly give you one, just ask me for one in the comments.

There goes my rant for the day. Please do everything I've listed (so hypocritical right?) Trust me, it'll all be worth it.

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