Sunday, June 7, 2015

Iflist: Let's turn Spy School into a movie!

Ok, so a month ago I started a petition and you could sign it and if we got enough signatures we could convince movie producers to turn Spy School into a movie. But it was pretty boring. So, after an hour of searching, I finally came up on Iflist. On I flist, not only can you recommend a book to be a movie, but you also get to choose who should direct it and who the main characters should be (so technically, if you wanted Brad Pitt to be Alexander Hale and Angelina Jolie  to be Erica, you can suggest it). Click here to help endorse Spy School to be!come a movie.

On a side note, help me create some awesome info wikia's! Go here to help add some info to the FunJungle series wikia and here to add some stuff to the Moon Base Alpha Series Wikia

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