Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to: How to get to hang out with an author!

Woo, another how to post! I guess that's all I have to say. Oh well.

Step 1: Figure out when you can meet an author. This part should be pretty easy. First, figure out if there are any conventions or festivals you favorite author is attending. Think it's too far? I'd say for you average fans, an hour drive is reasonable. For you superfans, you should be able to handle three hours in a car. If they're not coming to any conventions any time soon, see if you can arrange a personal Skype visit. It's a long shot, but that's for times of desperation.

Step two: Get prepared. Once you figure out you will get the chance to see an author, talk to them via e-mail or on their blog. See if you can arrange something. This part is probably the hardest part. Authors hear from their fans about wanting to have one-on-one moments all the time. See my post about becoming a superfan here. Not willing to waste a year to become a superfan, or only have three weeks until you get to see your favorite author? Tough luck. Luckily, there are some ways around this. You can buy 20 copies of their book, and ask for them to sign it all. Or you can make some cool fan art, and win the author over in a matter of seconds. Do whatever you need to figure out a way to get some one-on-one. I recommend starting a blog and then asking for an interview.

Step three: The night before, check to make sure. You don't want to waste a three hour trip only to find out him/her caught the flu. Make sure everything is good, and then start packing you supplies. First, wear something flashy. Maybe a color such as purple or dark red. Wear something flashy so the author can see you and won't have to search around just to find you. Also remember to bring books to sign, and interview questions.

Step four: Wake up early, and get their early. Sometimes, you can catch an author outside, and, just in case their plans change, you can get your special time with an author before the crowds. I've never heard about this happening, but I'm sure it's a possibility.

Step five: Follow the author to a schedule. In step two, you should've figured out a time where you can meet? If it's after a panel the author's in, go to that panel, and enjoy it. Then it's simple. Just go up to the author, introduce yourself,and let the fun begin!

Step six: Your in a private room, and you see the author signing books. There's two things you can do. You can talk a mile a minute, say how much you love them and stuff, or you can compliment them and be really humble (I recommend choice two). But make sure to really live the moment. You could never see the author ever again. Pretend like he's your best friend. Talk about his books, make conversation (this is where the interview questions come in). Don't forget to get a picture with him/her!

Step seven: Thank the author for their time. You have to understand how hard it is to find thirty minutes when often, they're needed every minute in every hour.

Now you can say you got to hang out with a celebrity. I actually used this tactic to get some cool one-on-one time with Stuart Gibbs! Yes, Step 1 is probably the hardest, just hoping the author comes to your city is tough, let along asking him for time which he probably doesn't have. But it's all worth it. Trust me.

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