Monday, June 15, 2015

How to: Figure out What you like in a book

Man, I haven't done a hot to in awhile! So I get asked a lot by my friends what books I like, because they want to know where to go when they step foot in a library. But I can't just tell them 'Spy School' because what if they're into fantasy. So I just tell them what they like in a good back and they usually reply with "Uhh". This is for all you people wanting to try new material but not knowing where to start!

Step 1: Read Books. It seems simple but is a very important step. If you want to read more exciting and thrilling books, then you have to at least test the waters (this is for the people who've never touched a book in there life) See what books you would like to re-read and make a list, either physically or in your head.

Step 2: Once you've read a ton of books, and amassed a good list, check out/buy as many of those books on your list as you can. You're going to need to do some examining, but you need to get the book again so you can remember why you liked it!

Step 3: Go through each of the books and write down what you liked about it. Was it the fact that the two main characters are in a relationship? Was the book about Sports, School Trouble, or a Mystery? Did it have a lot of funny jokes? Was there a theme to it? Any little thing, even word choice, is important, so jot it down (I've gotten to the point where I can do this all in my head, but only do this if you have a wicked memory.)

Step 4: Do this for each of your favorite books. Yes, it will get tiring, but trust me, after your work, it will be totally worth it. You may take up ten sheets of paper, which is totally fine. Remember, every possible detail that made the book better than the other hundred thousand in the universe is a detail you'll end up needing/using.

Step 5: Compare the Lists. Go through and pick out the ones that popped up at least three or four times, if not more. Then, write it all down in a separate sheet of paper. If romance is one of the common things, write it down. If sports fiction is on of the things, write that down (I think you get the idea). Once you've got all the details down and you are a bit rested from all that thinking, start wondering about the broader things, like genre and title. Was the title in an awesome font? Did the cover have a kid on a skateboard? Was most of the books written in fantasy? be sure to write this down too.

Step 6: Review your final list. Usually, it will have things that are awesome separately but don't work together (like say, wizards and baseball) Try to group the charcteristics of the books into...well groups. The more you can fit into a group, the better. Once you've simplified your list, you're ready to go book shopping. The groups are books. Just go to your local library/bookstore and ask someone for a good book that has (insert qualities here)

There you go. 80% of the time, you'll find an awesome book that has all the things you love in a good book. I hope this advice helps you out.
So you want to know what I like in an awesome book huh? Well this is what I like...

-Romance With All the Gory Stuff
-Friendships & Enemies
-Sports Fiction
-Humor (lots of it)
-A Title that doesn't portray a real human, just a cartoon drawing
-A picture here and there
-Funny/Serious/Cool Character Personalities
-When the Main Character isn't being bullied (I mean yes, the main character goes through conflict, but I hate it when everything isn't going the character's way-except when it's supposed to be like that for comedic purposes-  and suddenly the kid is like "Wow, I survived everything and saved the queen!"- or whatever)

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