Sunday, June 7, 2015

Good News & Bad News: Personal and Global

Today, I bring an update on...things.

First off: the good news.

I have started the third (and hopefully last) draft of my novel! I'm insane for making the third draft my final draft? Well it's not really my final draft- I still have to micro-edit everything, but the bid ideas and the plot and stuff (basically the info.) should be done.

I am going to California (San Francisco Bay Area) where I might go see Stuart Gibbs in his own state (it's a long shot to make the trip to LA though). If you're a fan who resides in the Bay Area, I'd love to meet you! (of me, not Stuart Gibbs, although who says you can't be both!)

The next book in the Rafe Katchadorian series: Just my Rotten Luck is set to come out June 22nd. Also Charlie Joe Jackson's guide to Planet Girl will be out, and Big Game, the 3rd book in the swawesome FunJungle series is going to come out October 13th.

Then, the bad news:

Stuart Gibbs has decided to cut himself off from the internet for the remainder of the month of June. He won't be responding to e-mails, comments on his blog, answering questions, tweeting (you get the point). However, this is good news. He did this for two reasons: One his kids are finishing school (think it's hard on the kids to concentrate on finals? Try being a parent controlling a wily kid who wants to party to concentrate on studying for his finals). Also, he has to meet some deadlines regarding his upcoming books. This probably includes finishing a 1st or 2nd draft of Spy School #4- tweaking Spaced Out, and starting to think of ideas for FunJungle #4. Think it's easy writing? Don't get me wrong, it's unbelievably fun creating stories, but you have a publisher hounding you to meet deadlines- the writing world isn't just you creating a story when you want, and meeting smiling 10-year-olds rave about your books. But, I'm glad he does this, because this means his upcoming books are going to be amazing.

I thought I had some bad news, but I guess I didn't. When Stuart Gibbs comes back on the internet, we should all celebrate or something who knows.

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