Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Special! Top 5 Books/Series with Dads

I was trying to figure out what book to review, but I went to a huge family gathering and I didn't have a computer so I ended up going with a Top 5. To all your Dad's out there, you are awesome.

5. Football Genius by Tim Green: Troy's Dad throughout the series is more of a nuisance than a help. After Troy lands a 5 million dollar deal with the Jets, Troy's dad proceeds to take all of it and use it on bets, which he never pays back to Troy. But after everything, the family still loves him and all and in the end he's a decent guy.

4. Big Nate Series by Lincoln Pierce: Nate's dad is the comedic crack-up that ties the whole story together. Depicted as a really fat an angry old man, Nate's dad has his tempers at times, especially after he sees Nate's report card. He's the horrible chef that always yells at Nate, which makes the book so much funnier and enjoyable.

3. Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando: Man I have used this book a lot recently. Roomies actually features two dads, although I'll focus more specifically on Elizabeth's dad. Elizabeth's dad is gay and divorced her mom and moved out to San Francisco to start an art gallery called The Walls. When Elizabeth asks to leave New Jersey early to go tour the city and UC Berkely, her dad lies and says he's in Italy. He's the reason for Elizabeth's soap opera moments and makes the story much more intense and emotional.

2. FunJungle Series by Stuart Gibbs: J.J. McCracken, owner of FunJungle and dad of Summer McCracken, is short, looks horrible, yet is smoking rich. He owns one of the craziest zoos in America, known as FunJungle, which seems to have a murder or kidnapping every month or so, mostly due to bad employees. Also, Teddy's Dad just happens to save his son, who harbors a crush on Summer, from getting eaten by a Tiger, all with a broom. The one-two dad combo makes this series exaggerating and intense.

1. Spy School Series by Stuart Gibbs: Was there really any doubt? Alexander Hale, dad of Erica who is Ben's crush, is probably the worst spy in the CIA. He accidentally blew up his refrigerator into orbit, started a war in the Congo, and couldn't fight off a flea. His hilarious antics to try to save face and prove himself add a level of humor that is un-matched by books that are not solely based on comedy. Not to mention Cyrus Hale, dad of Alexander and grandam of Erica, the senior agent who usually spends his time fixing all of the trouble Alexander has made. These to spy dads are the reason this series is at number one.


Football Genius Series: N/A will come out
Big Nate Series: N/A will come out
Roomies: here
Belly Up: here
Spy School: here

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