Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update: Free Books!

Quick update for you guys today. I plan to predict Big Game, by Stuart Gibbs tomorrow, but today I have some decent news for you. At our school they do a contest called the reading sprint. You have to read as many pages as you can, and at the end of the semester you get a giant sonic drink- it's pretty cool. But I learned that whatever English class reads the most pages gets to go to Barnes and Noble and each person gets to pick out a FREE BOOK. So, when i heard about this news, I decided to carry the class on my back and read about 75,000 pages! I'm thinking of trying to have my friends use their free book for me, but we'll see how that works out. If you don't have an epic reading program at your school, talk to your principal, or a teacher who can relay the idea (I mean, how can you say no to more reading?)

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