Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Top 10: Characters (Male) from books

Woo! Another top 10. This time it's best male characters. They can be from the same book, same series, or from two completely different books.

10. Coke McDonald: The Genius Files series by Dan Gutman- Because he's so stupid, he's cool.
9. Troy White: Football Genius series by Tim Green- Because he's a hard headed kid that can seriosuly play some ball (and get himself into trouble)
8. Jimmy Wilson: In my book!- Because he's so nerdy and stupid at times that he makes a fool out of himself (if I ever get my book published, you'll see why this is good)
7. Vance Jessup: Poached by Stuart Gibbs- Because he's the bully that beats up Teddy, and the guy centered around all the action in Poached
6. Stevie Kosgrov: I Funny series by James Patterson: His bullying methods are the reason Jamie's a comedian in the first place!
5. Steve Thomas: Last Shot series by John Feinstein: He's a funny, not that intelligent kid that is the detective in all the books.
4. Jamie Grimm: I Funny series by James Patterson: Winning the national contest for funniest kid in the planet has got to give you some swag.
3. Dash Gibson: Space Case (series) by Stuart Gibbs: The kid-detective that gets himself into trouble after eating chicken parmigiana, than proceeding to break the space-toilets at 2 in the morning.
2. Benjamin Ripley: Spy School series by Stuart Gibbs: He would be number one, but nobody beats out my number one. The kind-of cool kid who's really good at thinking in the moment and is basically the king at Spy School.

And the number one Male character (in my opinion) is...

1. TEDDY FITZROY!: FunJungle series by Stuart Gibbs- The super cool kid who not only has solved cases that has saved FunJungle from closing, but has also gained attention from one of the world's biggest stars and could be going out with her, all while living in a tiny mobile home thrown in an empty area at the age of 12. Also, he's the first character that started off an author who has risen to one of the best in the Middle Grade world (that's Stuart Gibbs if you don't get the hint)

That's today's Top 10, we'll see you tomorrow, with a book review!

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