Sunday, May 24, 2015

Top 10: Books to read for Summer 2015

OMG! Sorry for not posting two days in a row(stuff happened sorry!) so I'll definitely make up for it. I'm going to make up for it by doing 2 posts for two straight days.! I'm testing out these new types of posts: the 'How to' and 'Top 10'. I kind of like making these type of posts, but I always stuck to book reviews, so today I'm testing the waters. Here are ten books you should read (or pre-order) this summer!

10. Hoot: by Carl Hiaasen. This book is good any day, but on a long road trip, this book will cure you from boredom. Roy Eberhardt notices a running boy one day on a bus ride to school. After a lengthy investigation, he learns what the running boy's intentions are. And they're not exactly what you call 'safe'. You can't go without this exiting thriller!

9. Charlie Joe Jackson (Series): Tommy Greenwald. This hilarious series is perfect at any time, especially his guide to Summer Vacation (feat. Lech Walesa!) Greenwald takes you through a boy named Charlie Joe Jackson, and his hilarious ways to solve those day-to-day middle school struggles, such as getting a girlfriend, making money, and avoiding reading. This series is a must-read.

8. Football Genius (Series): Tim Green. For all you sports-fiction enthusiasts out there, Football Genius is the book for you. Troy White is a kid who can predict the opposing team's football plays before the run them. He gets in touch with the Atlanta Falcons, and soon he's working at the big league level. Will he lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl without killing himself? This exciting thriller fits the needs of all!

...And while we're on the subject of sports

7. Rush for the Gold (Series): John Feinstein. Susan Carol Anderson is an Olympic-level swimmer. She's just been admitted to the USA national team, and is projected to win gold at London. But scandals involving companies who want to focus more on her looks than her athletic ability, and a crazy dad who's gone all loopy with money makes her not even want to compete. What will she do.Read the YA intense thriller this summer.

6. Space Case: Stuart Gibbs. Woo! The first Gibbs Novel. Dash Gibson is part of a revolutionary colonization, the first colony of humans on the moon. But just a few months in, things go bad. Dr. Holtz has made a discovery that could change the human race forever. However, a few hours before he's supposed to announce his findings, he comes up dead. Everyone says he died from having mental insomnia, but Dash thinks it was a murder. What really happened to Dr. Holtz. Be sure to pick this book up at your next library visit.

5. I Funny (Series): James Patterson. The award-winning author (probably the author with the most copies ever sold in history) has done it again with another great trilogy. Jamie Grimm, a kid-comedian-disabled from a car accident, enters a competition known as the "Planet's funniest kid-comic" And he wins the local contest. Then the regional. Soon he's in the spotlight, going on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and many news shows. But the contest isn't easy. He has to go against kids with their own TV shows and comedy experts. Will he go on to win one-hundred thousand dollars? Read the hilarious (but serious) novel by Patterson this Summer to find out.

4. The Last Invisible Boy: Evan Kuhlman. Finn Garrett is slowly turning invisible. Ever since the horrible day that changed everything (*gasp* his dad died) his skin is turning paler and his hair is turning white. Doctors don't know how long he will live, and now he's writing a diary of every single day of his life. What is the mystery behind Finn? This tear-jerker with middle-school romances is one you should definitely add to your summer reading list.

3. Cosmic & Millions: Frank Cotterell Boyce. Boyce, a screenwriter, bases Milllions off his first movie, and Cosmic is an original novel. In Cosmic, Liam is a World of Warcraft expert, but his problem is that he looks more like a 30-year-old than a twelve-year-old. Somehow, after he almost crashes an expensive Porsche, he somehow lands in China after entering a phone contest, with his friend-ish named Florida. He learns that there is a rocket, and that one of the dads from the other contest winners could get to go up with the kids on 'The biggest Thrill Ride in the Universe' Liam wants in, but the competition is stiff. Read these two exciting thrillers to cure the normal summer boredom.

2. Belly Up (FunJungle series): Stuart Gibbs, I Recommend this series greatly! Teddy Fitzroy is minding his own business, giving the chimps water balloons to throw at the guests who are taunting him, when some horrible happens. Henry Hippo, a national figure and the park's mascot, has gone belly up. The park tries to cover it up as a natural cause thing, but teddy learns (from sneaking in at the autopsy) that this could've been a murder. With the help of Summer McCracken- Founder J.J.'s daughter- they find some some evidence. But after two near-death experiences, Teddy learns that someone is out the get him. Teddy has to defy the odds, and figure out who killed Henry without getting killed himself. You can't go through Summer without reading this book.

And the #1 book you should read...

#1: SPY SCHOOL (series): STUART GIBBS: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SERIES. IF YOU GO WITHOUT THESE SERIES, YOU'RE NOT HUMAN! Sorry for going all crycho (crazy + psycho) there, but you shouldn't go through the Summer without reading this. Benjamin Ripley, a mundane kid, is admitted to Spy School. Things go bad from the first day, when as he runs toward the school, Snipers shoot at him. he then meets Erica Hale, the newest member of the Hale spy family legacy (going all the way back to Nathan Hale) who is so pretty it makes your eyes water and who's the best student in the school. After his near-death experience, he learns that there is a mole in the school, out to ruin the CIA. And Ben is the bait of the whole operation. He lures the evil organizations with his fake cryptography skills (made to look real by his real math skills) and he is sent to die. Can he figure out who the mole is before he ends up dead? Please, Please, I'm begging you, pick up this book (and the whole series) at your next Barnes & Noble or library visit. I will pay you 10 dollars if you hate it (you won't!

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