Thursday, May 14, 2015

OMG It's Lissa Price!

Before you go on a rant, don't worry, tomorrow,  Big Game prediction part 1 will be out. I'm only putting it off because Lissa price- international best selling author of the books Starters and Enders- came to our school in middle-of-nowhere Texas! Turns out, like every other author, she's really nice, and friendly and super cool. I would show you a thousand pictures, but during her presentation, they wouldn't let us take pictures for who knows why. Basically it was just a presentation about her book and some cool insider tips on how to write which I'll post on a later post. Some cool pictures I managed to get after everything was said and done.

Yes it's sideways (but who cares!) It's the books I picked up. And here are the signitures

Again it's sideways, but who cares! (By the way, top reader is a reading contest at my school. I'll tell you guys more if I win.)

And here's my picture with her (I wanted a selfie, but this will do!)

All in all, this was a really cool day! Please go read her books and follow her on twitter she's @Lissa_Price. Book reviews on both Starters and Enders soon!

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