Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to become the biggest fan of your favorite author: A step by step guide to become the biggest fan in the history of ever

Today's post will be about the best ways to become the biggest fan of your favorite author. It wasn't easy, but over the span of two year, I'd like to consider myself probably Stuart Gibbs's biggest fan. Here's what I did to show my fandom for my favorite author.

Step one: Find you favorite author. This is probably the hardest part. Your favorite author is usually the one who writes book you tend to re-read every month. If you can't decide between two authors, then go about with your daily life until you decide who the lucky one is. Already got a favorite author you're willing to use your precious time to become his biggest fan? Good, you may proceed.

Step two: Read all of his/her books. This is self-explanatory. A big fan has to have read all of his books. Confused on why you have to do it? Well do it, and read on. You'll see why.

Step three: Begin your mundane interaction with the author. Go to his blog and comment on one of his blog posts. Ask interesting questions all of the other thousand wannabes have never asked (this is thy you need to know everything about all of his/her books!) No website to comment on? Surely they have some sort of e-mail (although I wouldn't recommend this as a first-time thing. You'll see why later) and if all else fails, usually you can send the old-fashioned snail-mail.

Step four: Slowly accelerate your interaction with the author. Start distant and work your way up to a point where things are casual. At first, ask questions, and eventually, branch out into other questions the average wannabe superfan doesn't ask. Done properly, the author will see you more as a friend  than a stalker and answer your question.

Step five: Begin e-mailing the author. If you try to e-mail him/her to early in your growth to fandom, there'll be a problem. The author may see you as a fan trying to go to far forward to quickly. they'll answer your questions, but will most likely see you as a hazard and ignore you (now, I'm sure this isn't true for all authors, but I bet this is the stuff that goes through their minds) In your e-mails, ask more direct questions. In the e-mail world, you can take more risks. You've grown on the author as more than a stalking fan, and he'll /she'll answer the risky questions he wouldn't have answered if you asked them in step three.

Step six: Branch out into their social media. They have a twitter? Re-tweet every tweet of them. Instagram? Like every on of their photos (I think you get the point) This is what's known as internet stalking. In step two, he/she might've asked you to stop, but now, you're practically BFF's for life, so I'm assuming they wouldn't mine.

Step seven: Go to every author event to meet the man/woman in person, and get everything signed. All your books, and any other things, like a shirt of whatever, you need signed. The normal mundane fan would get one thing signed, and while they would be slightly peeved, they'd sign everything else. Now, as a superfan, they see it more as making a kids dream come true. I mean, you've put so much work to show your adoration for them, the lest they could do is sign 20 copies of their books. Ask some questions, make conversation, become friends, not just over the internet, but in real life. Give the man a shake, and say you'll try to meet up again.

Congratulations, you have officially become a superfan. You're in the author of your choices top 5 or 3 group of biggest fan. Want to become his #1 fan (literally)? Do some crazier things, ergo, write a blog dedicated in his honor, create your own fan art and Movie Trailers. The crazier, the better.

Now why go through all this trouble? There are so many perks. First of all, you get to be real, legitimate friends with a celebrity, depending on how famous the author is (although he's the biggest celebrity in your world) How many people can say they know someone as famous as Taylor Swift, or Brad Pitt. You can. Also, once you're friends with the author, you can ask for swag without feeling guilt of siphoning the guy. (Stuart Gibbs if you're reading this, no, I don't siphon you for stuff either. I do have a legitimate collection) At one author meeting, I got a Poached Bag, 10 signed bookmarks, a few posters, and a picture. I could ramble on about the subject, but I think you get the point. So go ahead, make your move, and in anywhere from a few months to a few years (superfan life is hard work) you'll become the ultimate fan.

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