Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Calling For all People to Help Me!

Today might be a double post. Not sure,  but I will consider it. For all those kids out there, might want to skip to the second paragraph. This is Adult stuff.-----------> Adults, if you know any editors that are willing to take a chance in a kid, let me know! I feel like self-editing is going to slow now (because I have to learn how to edit) I don't  have much money to spend on an editor, so preferably, someone who offers their service for cheap, or is willing to give me a one chapter trial or something like that. Also, please alert me if you happen to know any book agents or publishers, either through a an agent or the head publisher themselves. I want to start looking at publisher options. Let me know of any information you know at You can also comment and let me know that way as well.

Kids!  This is your section. After I finish writing my book (or maybe the next draft), I'm going to start sending out copues of my book (through e-mail- no, I won't be using a thousand pages of paper and using using snail mail to send out copies) If you are interested in spending your time in the summer reading what will for sure to be the next great book, let me know in the comments and e-mail be @ Please give me your age, grade, and some sort of contact info, as wella s your gender (this isn't for me to stalk you and find you, I just need to know what audience you fit. I'm trying to give to every single age of middle grade- 8-12  - so I'm just trying to learn if you're a good fit) Tell me why you think you should be one of the few to become the first to read my book.

Justin Doan

P.S.- Tell me what would be a good name for a book featuring Kid Spies, Evil Organizations, the Super Bowl.

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