Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Book Buffet Concept Idea

Today in my class, to finish the year, we did a "book buffet". Now, this is a concept I've never heard before, but I think it is one that will inspire kids and teachers everywhere. You know how when you pick a class novel to read it's always some old book written in the 1980's where some girl runs away (or whatever)? Well a book buffet is when the teacher just lays out about 12 different options (although i suppose it can work for more) Kids spend about 4 minutes, reading the first chapter or so and the book jacket. They take notes on a piece of paper and write "yes" or "no", whether they'd read the book again or not. After you go through about 5 or 6 (or how every many you can go through) you rank your top 5 selections. Give that to the teacher, and she groups you with other kids and you get to read the book you like most (sometimes it's your second or even third book though) Teachers everywhere, this is a good idea because it lets us be more independent. If we get choices, than we probably wouldn't mind an assignment, because it's on a book we chose and should enjoy. Please consider this idea to you teacher, it's cool and is bound to get you into reading out of your comfort genres.

(P.S.- I'm reading Variant, which is kind of like Spy School by Stuart Gibbs and Playing With Fire by Bruce Hale. It's so good)

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