Friday, April 10, 2015

Hoot: Action, Adventure, Excitement, and...Pancakes?

I've always been a big Stuart Gibbs fan, so when he said "Carl Hiassen's books are pretty good" I figured I would try them. For some reason I kept procrastinating until just recently, when i checked it out from my local library. At first, the book slightly confused me, but after that I fell in love with it.

Summary: While getting bullied on a bus ride to school, Roy notices a boy, with no shoes on, running like the wind. His curiosity gets the best of him and the next day he chases after him. After an encounter with snakes and a golf ball, he wonders who this mysterious boy is, the thought in his mind through the school day. Then Beatrice enters in. The soccer girl suddenly helps him with a lot of things, especially the truth about the boy. Roy learns that he's trying to save the pancake house from destroying the owl's home. Chaos ensues in this exciting book when Roy encounters policemen sleeping on the job, an actress dressed as an old lady, and getting himself into so much danger I'm surprised he's still alive.

What I think: I think this book was fabulous. And I Don't have any bias just because this was a book my favorite author recommended (though I may have some...). The book had an exciting plot, with all the events in the 13th chapter and the 2nd contributing to the climax, and I liked how everything fit together at the end. It made me go "Ohhhhh" and I think I smiled a little when I realized the actually had a decent ending. I cannot wait to read the next book: Flush

What I love about this book: Just about everything. It had great forshadowment, good characters whose personalities changed throughout the book. It did give some decent information about some animals and protesting the destruction of those animals' homes. I especially love Roy's All-In approach to this. He was willing to skip school, willing to get killed (many times), willing to do so many things just to help Beatrice and the boy save the owls, that you gotta love that kid at then end of the book.

What I Didn't Like About the Book. (Carl hiassen, If you see this part, might want to just skip it) Yes, the most dreadful part about this book, but as we all know, nothing is ever perfect (although I was everything was!) My only problem I have is the whole bullying thing. Yes, I do understand that bullying happens all over the place and is a 'growing problem for children and teens" and I get that.  don't, however, understand the severity of the bullying. Dana should have been shipped out a long time ago. The school bus dashboard camera should have caught the fight, every security camera would've captured any assault from Dana, I mean nowadays you just can't get away with that stuff for so many days without being caught.

Rating on 'the scale': 9.5

Why?: I loved the book, but like I said it's not the most perfect thing in the world. At some points in the book, I was just utterly confused about what to do, but do keep in mind this only happened once. I really liked how Carl used an exciting book to talk about a serious cause. That's why Hoot gets a nine (the .5 is from Stuart Gibbs recommending me to him.)

Similar Books: Flush, Scat, Chomp By: Carl Hiassen(same series), Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs

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