Thursday, April 30, 2015

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Make Money: Naked Cow Jumping Anyone?

I know I'm kind of late on making this post, but finally here it is! This is the latest book in the Charlie Joe Jackson series, written by Tommy Greenwald. While economics is mostly boring guys on the news talking about the stock market (how many people truly care if that pizzeria down the street is down 14.25 cents?) Greenwald turns it into a laughingstock in this hilarious, soon to be an award-winning book!

Summary: The Botman craze is sweeping around school. After Eliza Collins (the 'hottest' girl in school and the same person who has a crush for Charlie Joe) shows off the latest tech gadget of the year, Charlie decides he needs one. The only problem? The cost 200 dollars a pop. Frustrated, he turns to his best friend who happens to be a girl (not girlfriend) who suggests a dog-walking business, considering his strong affection for dogs. His desperate need for a Botman turns into one heck of a ride, involving some old' dudes MacBook Pro, kidnapping squirrels, and jumping over a cow (did I say he technically has to do it naked?) You won't regret reading this book.

What I liked: I liked a good portion of this book. There was a ton of humor that made me laughing so hard I fell on the floor at times. While it does incorporate all these crazy situations, it actually does teach you something good. That the world is crazed for money and that it isn't easy to learn two-hundred bucks. I also thought that the perseverance of Charlie Joe was something to be proud of. Every time a job didn't work out, he just came up with another plan, until he gets stuck in a library at the end of the book. This book is outstanding.

What I didn't like: Alright, the criticism part. First thing first, I didn't feel like the book was always realistic. I mean- how does everything shut off when there is no bad weather or anything. It doesn't make sense for a sudden power outage, and while it's purpose is to add to the plot, I guess I just think it wasn't added in the right way. Also, Charlie should have about five different crushes right now, considering he is in middle school. While he is still in love with Hannah, even though he has no chance with her, instead of going after somebody else, he stays liking her (who knows if this a bad thing or not) Usually in middle school, the whole crush ordeal is like a conveyor belt, you get rejected, you move on within a week, and it just keeps cycling through.

Rating on 'the scale': Out of 10: 8

Why? : This book was pretty good! But it just seemed like books like these should be taken to the next level of middle-grade. This book, to me, still seemed to hover around the 3rd-4th grade area (which could be the target area, I don't know) with the somewhat basic plot and vocabulary. But if I was a fourth grader, this is a definite 10!

Similar Books: the whole CJJ series (Tommy Greenwald), Katie Friedman Gives Up Texting (Tommy Greenwald), Jack Strong takes a Stand (Tommy Greenwald)

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