Saturday, August 9, 2014

Why I haven't been posting lately

Hey guys! Now I know I said I'd be posting every week, but I didn't mean from the first Sunday of one week, to the Saturday of the next week. I didn't mean for this huge time difference, but there was a reason for this. I was on vacation in Tampa Bay, which caused me to forget about posting. But anyway, there is good news, I'm only 10 views away from 1000 views! Thanks so much guys, and to celebrate this occasion, I'm going to make tomorrow my last day. I plan to write a spectacular review on the book Middle School Save Rafe! the latest book by James Patterson for kids. That will be my farewell review for this blog, and I will have a final post the 1000 view goal (assuming that 10 of you guys view it), and I'll post the link for the WordPress blog, which I'm currently designing. The last thing I'd like to say is that now, I'm going to start expanding into wider regions. Rest assured, I'll still be doing these three author's books, but I'm pretty much done with reviews of all of them. So yes, I will start reviewing books that I have loved, or ones that you guys ask me to(hint hint). And I think I might start something new in the near future, I won't reveal the details, but it will be very cool, and I'll see if you guys like it. So that's all, and I hope you guys will enjoy the thrilling finale or

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