Sunday, August 10, 2014

Middle School Save Rafe: Adeventure Taken to the Next Level

Wow guys! As you probably know this will be my last book review on this blog, so without further do, here is the review.
 Middle School Save Rafe highlights the continuous adventures in Rafe's life. In this story, Rafe learns that the middle school he was supposed to go to, Airbook Arts, has just been cancelled. meaning he has to go back to the horrible Hills Village Middle School. So when he goes to an interview at HVMS in hopes of them letting him back in after he got expelled, he learns a horrible thing. He learns that he must pass a camp that help "build character" and things like that in kids. He realizes that he has no other option, so he goes through with it. His mom drives him there, and Rafe realizes on the first day that things weren't going to be easy. For starters, he runs into a girl named Carmen, who is flirting with him, and Rafe is a little scared, seeing she has things like a tattoo of a snake on her arm. And on his first team-building exercise where they have to climb a 5-story tall building to get there miniscule dinner, Rafe finds out the he has *gasp* a fear of heights. This causes all of the kids to lose their dinner, leaving them starving for the night. Rafe finds out something even worse, the ten-twenty rule. he basically has to get "tags", ten by the third day, twenty by the 6th. If he doesn't get the minimum required tags, he'll be kicked from the camp. So he starts to work harder, doing all the extra tasks, and working as a team. But he finds a snag, when they go to pick partners, Carmen immediately goes for him. while you think this might be good, it's really not, as all that subtle flirting was really meant to set Rafe up for her. Now, Rafe must do double the work, or else he won't get tags, and Carmen will beat him to a pulp. So can Rafe survive the camp? Will he conquer his fear of heights? Will he be admitted back into HVMS? All these questions can be answered in the Middle School: Save Rafe
   I loved this book! It has everything you'd want, action, adventure, and that little bit of middle school drama. You will be literally on Rafe's side as he tries to make it past camp. The suspense builds frequently, and you will never be able to put it down. It's easily a novel you can finish one day; it only took me an hour-and-a-half to finish this action-packed novel today!
  Thanks guys for everything. I've now had 1000 views! So tomorrow I'm going to put my last post, and I can't wait! I hope you guys continue to stick with this blog when I make the change to WordPress this week. it'll be filled with reviews of books by different authors, predictions, and something else very cool, but you'll have to go to the other blog to find it!
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