Monday, July 28, 2014

Some more Things you Need to Know

Hello everybody! I know I haven't done any book reviews lately, but I'm really trying right now. But anyways there's other things to know. First off, is that I'm going to transfer to WordPress, after I hit the 1000 view mark. I gave it a lot of thought, and I will do it when the time is right. WordPress is just more professional-looking, and I really like it. But don't worry, I'm going to make a huge celebration post when I hit 1000 views, and I'll put the link so you know where to go. Also, as I said, I'm writing a novel, so I have some bad news. I'm trying to write as much as I can in a day, so I'm going to have to start doing once-a-week posts now until the school year starts. But, on my WordPress blog, the school year will kick off the more frequent blog posts with an epic Space case prediction. That's all, and I hope you guys continue to read my posts.

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