Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Even Funnier: The Funnier Sequels to I Funny

If you read I Funny and loved it. Then you will definitely love this book! I Even Funnier By: James Patterson is the hilarious sequel to the award winning book I Funny. Jamie has just been crowned funniest kid in NY! Now he has to prepare for the regional competition in Boston. He's gotta learn every joke in the book. And he has to overcome his fear of stage fright. And also, during all of this, he learns that he has to tutor his brother Stevie. So with his schedule packed as possible, he somehow finds a way to do all of this, and get to go on a movie date with his semi-crush Gilda Gold, Pierce and Gaynor. They have fun, until they realize that Gaynor has stolen the money to buy them stuff. Now they have to make sure Gaynor doesn't get expelled from school. Fortunately, a miracle happens! Uncle Frankie bails Gaynor out, and he is safe. And feeling the momentum, Jamie goes into the Boston competition nervous, but happy. He eventually finds his punch lines, remembers his jokes, and gets the audience rolling in the aisles. The judges say he's the winner, and Jamie goes on to the Vegas competition. He trains harder, learns newer and better jokes, and is getting ready for it. But then, something happens, his school grade drops to a C average. Now he must put a halt to comdedy. No more Jokes. Instead he must study to keep his A average up. He manages to somehow do it, and all looks well for Jamie. But then, an accident happens to his Uncle Frankie that jeopardizes is life. Now Jamie must decide to either help his Uncle or go to the contest in Vegas. So what does he do? Will he stay or go? If he goes, does he win or Choke? Read this hilarious, gut-busting book to find out!
 I highly recommend this book. It's got everything, comedy, romance, and the parts-where-the-reader-wants-to-cry. I just love this book, because it includes everything that a good book should have. And it keeps you wanting to turn the pages, which I believe is a good thig. So please try to get your hands on a copy of I Even Funnier today!

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