Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poached: The Way Better Cousin of Belly Up

Yes, I'm still going to hold of on ESS prediction part 2 because A), no one's comment about it, saying they want it and B), I'd still like to the suspense to build up even more. But in the meantime, here's a review on another great Stuart Gibbs book, Poached.
 Poached is the story about the continuous, dangerous adventures of ol' Teddy Fitzroy. When his bully from school, Vance Jessup, dares him to throw mannequin body parts into shark tank to spook the sharks, he gets caught by "Large Marge", and is now in shallow waters with the cops. And when FunJungle's new animal, Kazoo the Koala, is stolen, all the cops' eyes point to Teddy. Even though there is proof that he snuck in the koala exhibit and out, Teddy states that it's only because he was hiding from the cops. It was true, but because of the  previous incident, the cops don't believe him. So he gets a call from Summer(who's almost 2500+ miles away), who says that he must investigate this himself, to prove himself innocent. So the next day, he comes up with a plan to sneak around covertly, without the cops finiding him(I'll give you a hint, it involves a koala mascot-animal suit). He is gathering up a ton of information this way, but with Large Marge trying to do anything to get Teddy out of there, she gets a way to have his parents fired if he is proved guilty. Teddy tries even harder to investigate, but he cannot find what he needs. And if he doesn't find Kazoo in time, he'll die from starvation( because he can only eat eucalyptus leaves from Australia). So can he find Kazoo before he dies? Will his parents get fired from Teddy's investigation(cause they don't want Teddy doing it)? Read this action-packed, way-better-than-Belly-Up thriller to find out!
 I totally recommend this book. It has by far the most action in all of Stu's books(except for maybe Spy Camp). It is really adventurous as Teddy tries to avoid getting in trouble running around and hiding everybody. And the really weird/cool part was that he got the schools' head cheerleader's phone number, but he wouldn't like go out with her, because then he felt he would be cheating on Summer, even though at some point in the book he was mad at her for not being there with him. But anyway, please read this 5-star-rated book today!
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  1. The end of the story also leaves you on a pretty big cliffhanger.

    A shoutout would be cool as well.


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