Friday, June 20, 2014

More Announcements!!!!!

Hello guys! Tons of announcement to do today, so lets get right to it!
 First off, I'd like you guys to know that we have a new comment club member! Her name is Erin Fry, and she wrote the book Losing it, a book I reviewed. I highly recommend that you check her books out because her books are amazing. Click here to see my Losing It review: Losing it Review. Also, in a few days I will go to NYC, and so I may not post because I will be sightseeing there. But if I do post there, It probably will be a mix of what I'm doing, and some book stuff that's in NYC. Post a comment about what I should do in NYC! Book reviews are coming out, I guaruntee it! I''m trying to get a nice mix of reviews and other cool things, so you guys are happy. And I've decided to do ESS prediction part 2: the accurate one in four days because that's my b-day! And Space Case prediction comes at the start of the school year, so at least something's good on the first day of school! Finally, I have decided to write a book of my own. Ill tell you what it's going to be about later, or you can comment asking what it's going to be about, and I'll personally email you a description of my novel. So that's all there is and I hope you guys enjoy this blog!                         .

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