Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Middle School: Get Me Out Of Here By: James Patterson- The Adventures of Rafe Continue

  Rafe is back! and, with an all new and exciting adventure. Because the diner his mom used to work at burned to the ground, Jules is not bringing in any money, meaning that they cant pay their rent. This forces them to move away into the city to live with their Aunt Dotty. Rafe's new art school in the city is weird from the start, with a kid named Matty-The-Freak, who's basically the weird type of kid who you'd rather have as a friend than an enemy. Rafe likes the kid, because he's really smart in figuring out how to pull pranks, so together they start an operation called Operation: Get A Life, which involves Rafe trying to get a life. He is really liking this kid, because he is helping him pull pranks around the whole school. And during this, Rafe decides that he wants to know where his missing dad is. Matty of course, comes up with a plan to help Rafe. Things are going great for Rafe, until one day. On this day, Matty gets in big trouble, like deal-with-the-cops trouble, and it's because Rafe snitched him out. So Matty turns on Rafe, and tries to destroy and embarres him as badly as he can. So how does Rafe survive this? Read this amazing book to find out!!
 I highly recommend this book. It combines action, with friendship changes, family troubles, and even a little romance This book is sure to get your emotions going in every way, and I love how it does that. And Rafe is just even more determined to have his operation work, and this could be the reason the operation fails. It sure suprises you at every page, and you won't ever put it down it's so good. So please read this book today!

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