Sunday, June 1, 2014

Losing It: One of the Best Inspirational Stories Ever

Now for all the poeple who were expecting ESS predition part 2, I'm sorry, but I'm going to hold off on that unless someone comments that they want it. But for now here's a review on the fabulous book, Losing It. Here goes.
 Losing It by: Erin Fry is an amazing book! This is a story about 13-year-old Bennet Johnson who is extremely overweight. He is living his life almost 300 pounds, and the foods he eats aren't exactly healthy. And this comes back to haunt him, because on one faithful afternoon, when his dad and him are sitting on the couch, eating cheeseburgers and watching a dodgers game, his dad has a stroke, and he is carted away by ambulances to a hospital. So he is forced to stay with his Aunt Laura and his Uncle Jim, who's idea's of fun are running a few miles at the crack of dawn, and eating a healthy breakfast(not exactly Bennet's paradise).
But he has one thing going for him, his also overweight friend P.G., who cheers him up through this. But one day, he decides to go on a "run" with Uncle Jim(it was more of a walk), and he almost passes out at the end. But something in the back of his head told him he needed to lose weight, so he didn't end up like his dad in the hospital. So he starts practicing running, and pretty soon he can actually run the few miles with his Uncle Jim. And then he does the unthinkable: he joins the cross-country team. He pretty much passes out on the first day, but he is determined to do this, and he eventually survives to the first meet. Meanwhile, at school, he's got something else going for him, Taylor. Taylor is an incredibly pretty girl who happens to be Bennet's crush. Bennet feels like she's finally liking him because of his weight loss(he thinks this because she actually starts talking to him).
And after he does his first meet, he feels amazing, and he wants to do more running. But certain things happen, and Bennet feels like he wants to quit running forever, and start eating again.  And this happens all before the final cross-country meet, where if they do good enough, they'll go to the finals, and they NEED Bennet. So can Bennet overcome everything and run the race? Even if he does run, does he do good enough to help his team go to the finals? Read this amazing book to find out!
 I get it if you haven't heard of Losing It, because I didn't either. But after I read it, I felt inspired by it, and that is why I recommend this book. After I read it, I felt like I could do anything, if I was determined to do it. Everyone was laughing at Bennet for joining the cross-country team, but that didn't stop him. And he found something to help him through these tense times, which of course was running. Also,I figured out that a little weight loss might help you impress the girl you have a crush on ;). So read this very inspirational book today!    P.S- Another shoutout to my best friend Jonathan Chaidez, you can get a shoutout simply by asking for on in the comments              


  1. Justin, this is an awesome review of my book! Thanks for writing it. Can I get a shout out, maybe? Erin Fry (author of Losing It)

    1. Of course you can have a shoutout, because I'm that type of guy. You guys, all the authors are the reason I have this, and I want to do as much as I can to repay you guys. It's also really cool to see the authors commenting. So make sure you tell all your author-buddies about this blog too, so I could give them a shoutout too! :) - Justin
      P.S- Just reply to me what date you want your shoutout on, because I will do it at any date. Thanks

    2. Oh also Erin, You are our newest member of the comment club!! Congrats! Just click the tab at the top of the page called "comment club" to see your name. We don't have many members, so make sure to tell all your friends to comment! -Justin

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