Monday, June 30, 2014

Jack Strong Takes A Stand: Fighting for Your Rights the Easy and Fun Way

Hey guys! I'm sorry about not posting lately, because I'm starting to get really busy, but without further ado, here is the review of Jack Strong Takes A Stand.
 Jack Strong Takes A Stand, is probably one of Tommy Greenwald's best books to date. This is a story about middle-school-aged kid Jack Strong, who is like every other kid, except for one thing. Unlike most kids, his schedule is way overbooked, to the point where he has almost no break points in the day. Jack has to deal with it, because his parents force him too, but Jack eventually starts to get really mad. His Crush, Cathy Billows, is hosting a party, and she wants everyone invited, including Jack. Now this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Jack, because he was not the kind to get invited to parties. But his parents say NO!, because he has a cello recital. Jack is mad, but he knows he must has to go. Later, after Jack wins the world series for his team, when they go to celebrate, Jack cant go, because his dad says he has to go with tennis lessons. Jack is still mad, but he knows he has to leave. The last straw for Jack is when, after a long day, Jack is forced to go to soccer practice. But Jack decides to fight back this time, by saying he'll stay on the couch until his parents let him get underbooked. His parents tried to get him off, but unfortunately, their sun was a stubbborn as a donkey. Now, after he makes the news, kids all across America are using his rally cry "Take A Stand By Taking a Seat", to help them strike against their over booked schedule. But as he gets more popular, the hate messages from parents of hard-working children start to come in. And lets just say that something happens to his grandma that no wants happened to them(or anybody for that matter). Will Jack finally get his way, and put an end to all this madness? Can he convince his dad to let him drop a few activities? To answer these questions, read Jack Strong Takes A Stand by Tommy Greenwald today!
 I totally recommend this book. It's so funny at some points, and I was laughing almost all the to time. But I like how he stands up for his right to have an under booked schedule. I mean we control the future, we are the future, so why let our parents control it? Anyway, I like how he has the courage to stand up to his parents, which made the book happy. What I mean is, is that once he decided to take a stand, it seemed like the kids were beating the parents, so you could've either cheered, or been sad, or you didn't care because you wanted to keep reading. So anyways, that wraps it up, and I hope I see you guys again.

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