Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy End of School to All!: This is To The Guy Who Absolutely HATES School

Happy end of school everybody! I hope you guys enjoyed your school year, and to celebrate, here's a review Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit: Starring the guy who absolutely hated school. Here goes.
 Its report card day! But Charlie Joe is really mad. He has C's and B-'s and his parents threaten to send him to a nightmare camp, a one where kids *gulp* LIKE to read books. It is a horrible camp called Camp Rituhbukkee(pronounced camp read-a-bookie). But Charlie Joe gives his parents a deal: if he can get straight A's, then he won't have to go the the camp. His parents agree to this and Charlie Joe now realizes now that he needs a huge miracle to get straight A's. So he seeks to his awesome sister Megan, and she has two words for him: Extra Credit. So he ends up asking his teachers for extra credit, but they give him crazy tasks like posing for a painting, and working for the SGC. He somehow survives this, in the process finding a girl who he likes and who's name is not Hannah Spivero (it's Zoe Alvarez BTW), and throwing a bseball through the principal's window without getting into trouble. But then comes the play he has to do for his final extra credit project, and Hannnah's tried out for it. Turns out Charlie Joe got the part where he kisses Hannah during the play(his dream since......forever). But he can't, because then he'd feel like he would be cheating on Zoe. But he has to do this to finish the play and get straight A's. So can he kiss Hannah? Does he get straight A's? Does he still have to go to camp Rituhbukkie? All these questions can be answered if you read Charlie Joe Jackson's guide to Extra Credit today!
 I totally recommend this book. This book is so funny, you'll have to pause reading it because you'll be busting a gut.And they're alot of twists in the book, that just make you not want to put it down.. But why would you? Anyways, thanks guys for visiting my blog, and be sure to check out my other posts!

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