Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WOW! I'm So Honored.......

Wow! I just checked checked out the Stuart Gibbs Blog at and I just want to say thank you Stuart Gibbs. He gave me an amazing shoutout on his blog(which unfortunately, was not random, I had to ask for it, but still), and I'm So honored. To celebrate, I will release part one of my Evil Spy School (written by, guess who, Stuart Gibbs)prediction later today! So please, stay in touch for more mini-schedules on what is going to happen next. And also, check out immediately!
 If you want to see my reviews of some of Staurt's books that I've done so far click on these links :
Belly Up Review
Spy School Review
Spy Camp Review
 Reviews of Poached and The Last Musketeer series to come! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and comment if you want a certain book reviewed. Also comment if you want a nice shoutout!

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