Sunday, May 18, 2014

Treasure Hunters: Comedy, Action, Romance, and Betrayal All Packed In an Amazing Book

Treasure Hunters By: James Patterson is AMAZING! It is a story about the Finns, Bick, Beck, Tommy, and Storm, who are in a treasure-hunting buisness. They go out to sea and find all the old, lost wreckages of the, well of everything. So when his dad just vanishes in to thin air during a storm, the 4 kids must find the things their dad wanted to, all while being alone without any money. They almost get caught by a Caymand Island's Gaurd, who says they are alone on the ship. But Storm, who has a photographic memory, remembers somthing from the manual, and saves them. But they must now go on a highly dangerous adventure, which involves black-market dealing, and evil people who are willing to do anything to catch the Finn's. Will they find out what happened to their dad? Will they finish their adventure safely? Read this fantastic, adventurous book to find out.
 I Highly recommend this book, because of all its action. From the huge storm at the beginning, to all the crazy, deep-sea-diving parts at the middle, to the suprising ending. It is an all-around wonderful book, which includes some rather hilarious parts throughout the end. So read this action-packed book today!

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