Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spy Camp: The Action-Packed Cousin of Spy School

Spy Camp, In my opinion, is the best book ever! This is a story of the continuous adventures of 12-year-old Ben Ripley, who's has been inducted into Spy School. He later learns that there is going to be a camp there, or as the others call it, a "wilderness training facility". So they get there,and things go bad right from the get-go, because a letter has been delivered by SPYDER, the evil organization out to get Ben Ripley. The runner of the camp"Woodchuck Wallace", decides to let him flee the facility. But then incompetent spy Alexander Hale (the dad of Ben's Crush, Erica) ruins all the plans, by leading him into open fire against SPYDER. But Erica saves them, and they embark on a dangerous adventure through the woods. In the process, they learn that Ben's friends are being held hostage, and SPYDER fires a missile at them. When they get to town(missile caused fire, which caused rescuers to get them), they activate Agent Klondike, who is really just Erica's granddad. But now they have to do something even bigger, save the hostages. And then they learn they must infiltrate SPYDER's secret headquarters and stop a bomb from hitting Camp David, where the president is hosting a party. So can Ben and the team capture the hostages, and stop the bomb? Read the thrilling, action-packed sequel of Spy School A.S.A.P.
 This book is just downright AMAZING! It super intense, with all the killing, and running, and, well, everything. There's so much action, that you just can't put it down. I finished the 300+ page book in less than 2 hours, it was that good. And I like how Ben gets to finally, hang out with Erica, and it looks like they're about to go out (Ben's Dream Moment), but then Stuart Puts you on a cliffhanger. So please read this awesome book today!
  For more information about Stuart Gibbs, go to, for knowledge on his books and life. There's is even a blog that you can ask questions on, and he will ALWAYS reply to you. So Please check it out. You may even see my comments on there!!

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