Monday, May 26, 2014

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It's Announcements time!

Ahhhhhhh......., just doing my  Charlie Joe impersonation. Anyway, I'm sorry for not posting stuff about books lately, but i promise you that i have tons of draft reviews of fantastic books, ready to be let out. So anyway, here's a quick list of the books I will be reviewing. First off, I will go off topic for the first time and do a non-big-three-author book, and do a book called"Losing It". It is an inspiring story about Bennet Johnson, an overweight kid who's mom has died, and who's dad has just had a stroke. So he joins the cross-country team to try and lose weight. So that's what that is about, and I will also be finishing the series of I Funny, Middle School, Spy School(which in my defense, the reviews are done), Belly up, and Charlie Joe. So that's pretty much it.
 Bonus: I don't know if you have heard, but Stuart Gibbs said on his blog how to get a FREE copy of his amazing novel Spy School. That's right, a FREE copy of Spy School. Here's how you do it.
1. Be a kid(an acual one, not an adult who acts like one!) and be in grades K-6
2. Read ANY 8 books(an easy one, unless your Charlie Joe Jackson)
3. Fill out a "reading journal", you can get one of these at your local Barnes&Nobles by asking them, it's part of their summer reading program
4. Bring back your filled-out journal, and pick up a copy of Spy School
So with a little bit of labor, you can save $8 and get a great book. So please do this today!
If you want to know more info. about Stuart Gibbs, please visit, for a blog about current events(in his life), and knowledge about books and life.

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