Thursday, May 29, 2014

Evil Spy School Prediction Part 1

Hey guys. I said I was going to do predictions last, because I wanted to finish my reviews, but after Stuart gave me a shoutout on his blog at, I just decided to let it out early. This is my original prediction, before Stuart answered my and many others' questions about what happens, so I'm afraid this is not going to be accurate. But anyways, enjoy!
 So I thought that the first few chapters would be how everybody at the camp reacted to Ben and Erica's homecoming. And all the things that were supposed to happen, like the color war, would happen. But then they return to Spy School, and Ben gets called to be sent down to the principal's office, where he says that Ben is being recruited for the"CIA Mole Agency"(or whatever it it called). So he packs off his things, says goodbye to his friends, and heads off to Spy School. But in private,before he stepped out of his room, Erica jumped in. She gave him a nice, warm, friendly hug goodbye. She would say, "I'll miss you", but of course it was really a way of sneaking a recording device into Ben. And so, Ben took the long trip all the way to SPYDER's school of evilness(again, or whatever it is called). His introductory to that school is similar to the on in spy school, with everybody wanting first taste in"the new meat". But he makes some sketchy friends, and the decide to tell him their past crimes, such as stealing a limo, or launching a mini-missile in the the air and destroying their neighbors' house. But Ben almost blows his cover as a mole, because when they'd ask him this question: "what you'd do", Ben would respond with an uhhhhhhhh........., and then say something. Also, sometimes he accidentaly had his recording device out. The CIA was unhappy about this, because they already knew Ben wasn't a good spy. So they sent him through an undercover spy crash-course for one night. After that, everything goes right from then on, he didn't make mistakes, and he always acted like an evil person, until one class. This particular class, was taught by none other than Murray Hill. Ben dropped his pencil, at the exact time when Murray is walking the aisles, and Murray catches a glance of the device. Murray says "Give me that!", and Ben insinctively runs, with everybody chasing him, now nowing he's the mole. He contacts Erica using the device that she gave him(he already realized why Erica had hugged him), and Erica springs into action. She steals a car and does the ten-minute drive in 5 minutes.(she was hiding out by the school for a few days now, knowing that Ben would get caught, she's always right you know), while Ben is running like crazy. Erica gets there, but its too late, Ben's been hit by a liquid that makes people unconscious. Erica fights them off, then goes to check on Ben. Ambulances come, and cart Ben away. Erica wants to ride with ben, so she says,"Can I go with him, I'm his girlfriend". The person says "Really!', but eventually approves it. Then, at the hospital, Ben wakes up, and Erica and all his friends and teachers are there. Some screams out"He's coming to!" and everybody tries to mob Ben. But Erica says "Back off" everybody, leave now", and no one ever did what she didn't say. So they left, assuming she would just congratulate him. But instead, with a smile on her face, she said"So, do you want go to the International Spy Museum with me, after you get better?" (anywhere, basically, point is she asks Ben out). Ben, who is totally startled, says sure. And then Erica leans in to Ben, and she says softly,"okay" and then...., Stuart leaves you on a cliffhanger.
 So yeah, this was my original prediction, until I found out they weren't going to go out yet and other stuff. So yeah, please check out part 2 of the Evil Spy School prediction series, where i will give a more accurate prediction. So thank you for reading my blog, and hope you enjoy it!


  1. Justin - I'm very impressed with the thought that you've put into your predictions for Evil Spy School. I hope you won't be upset to learn that the story I've written is quite different from the one you've guessed. But then, that's the whole point, right? If I wrote exactly the story you expected, there would be no surprises. And I want there to be as many surprises as possible. (After all, that's kind of SPYDER's mission statement: Never do what anyone expects you to.) That said, there's a few things you've got right, but to even tell you what those are would take away from the fun of reading ESS. So… You're just going to have to wait until it comes out to find out what really happens. (Seems like you're just about ready to write your own spy stories, though.) - Stuart

    1. Thanks so much Stu, for checking out my blog and putting your input. i know you probably realized that I was going to make another prediction, which would be more accurate, but i'm just glad you put your opinion. Hey, can you do something like this on my next prediction. Like post a nice comment about how you liked it, and how it was close to the actual thing, or at least some of it was. And I have one question for you, Do you think you could make this into an extra story on you blog? Like a mini- ESS story? Well thanks for posting the first comment EVER on my blog, and I hope you can keep writing forever.
      Thanks so much Stu,

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