Monday, May 12, 2014

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to NOT Reading: Who knew Reading AND Learning was Funny?

Kind of ironic after you hear what this book is about. Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to NOT Reading is by Tommy Greenwald. This is a story about a boy named Charlie Joe Jackson who absolutely hates reading. In fact, he will do anything to not read, such as having his friend telling him what an assigned book is about in exchange for an ice cream sandwich. Things start to get heated between Charlie Joe and Timmy, beacause Timmy is temporarily dating Hannah Spivero, Charlie Joe's dream girl. What will happen during the awesome end-of-year-dance? What will Charlie Joe do to NOT read? Read this hilarious novel today!
 I recommend this novel because of its comedy. You can just simply have a laugh and read an amazing novel. I also like the romance part, because entire friendships can ride on simply who's dating who.Also, I love how you can actually read this book and learn how to not read (like I said earlier, it's kind of ironic). But it shows that books can be sort-of educational and funny at the same time. So please read this book and the whole series (reviews coming soon)!!

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