Friday, May 16, 2014

Belly Up: Animals+Action= An Awesome Book

Belly Up, written by Stuart Gibbs,  is one of the most fantastic animal-related books you'll ever read. This story takes place in Texas at the FunJungle Zoo, where 12-year-old Teddy Fitzroy lives. One day, while Teddy is messing with some animals, word gets around that Henry Hippo (FunJungle's mascot) has died, or he has gone belly up. Teddy decides that he should do the investigating, along with the help of none other than Summer Mcraken (Owner J.J. Mcraken's daughter). They go through some of the craziest things to try to solve the case, but they end up with only little clues. But then security comes and confronts Teddy, telling him to let the police do their jobs. But he goes on anyways, risking his privilages at the park, and, basically, his life. Will Teddy stop his investigating? Or will he continue to invesigate and solve the case? Will he get in trouble for this, or even arrested? Read Stuart's awesome, action-packed animal book to find out.
 I'd like to thank Stuart for writing his books. If you ever see him during a signing, I suggest that you meet the guy and say hi and congratulate him on his awards. He is the nicest person on Earth, and you should definitely read his books. I recommend Belly Up, because there is so much action. He is always either hiding from the cops, running from the cops, or investigating. There is some bad language in this book, but I believe this is a pro, because it shows how much charcter each person has. So please find a copy of this book!!!!!!!!
 For more information about Stuart Gibbs, go to, for knowledge on his books and life. There's is even a blog that you can ask questions on, and he will ALWAYS reply to you. So Please check it out. You may even see my comments on there!!

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